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Deux papyrus inédits de Dimé conservés à l’Institut de Papyrologie de la Sorbonne

Marie-Pierre Chaufray

Pages 1 - 28

First publication of two Demotic papyri kept in the Papyrology Institute of the University Paris-Sorbonne, Paris 4 and unrolled in 2008. Both documents come from Dime (Soknopaiu Nesos) in the Fayyum. The first papyrus, P. Sorb. inv. 1447, is a contract of marriage, dated from 71 or 70 BC. It contains the usual legal formulas and a detailed description of the husband’s real estate offered as a surety for the dowry. Besides, the prosopographical study helps identifying families of Egyptian and Greek notaries, and the contracting parties are also related to people mentioned in a marriage contract from early Roman time. The second papyrus contains two receipts for money, from the reign of Antoninus Pius. The second receipt is delivered for a college of lesonis of Pḥ-n-ỉs.t-Nꜣ.w-nfr-ỉr-s.t, a toponym attested in other receipts from Roman time.


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