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Dealing about Wheeling in Augustan Thebes. A Demotic Lease of a Cart (O.Ashm.Dem. 28)

Andreas Winkler

Pages 69 - 94

O.Ashm.Dem. 28 is a lease contract in Demotic dating to the reign of Augustus. The text is Theban and concerns a two-wheeled vehicle, a cart, for transporting agricultural goods. As such, the ostracon is a singular piece; there are no earlier documents of this sort and the two closest comparanda from Egypt are a late antique Greek text and a Coptic one of similar date. It can be observed that the texts have structural correspondences, containing, for instance, similar legal stipulations and descriptions of the vehicle. In addition to providing the of the text, the article treats a number of terms concerning the technical wagon and cart terminology. Furthermore, a brief discussion is provided concerning aspects of wheeled transport economy in Graeco-Roman Egypt to which the ostracon gives a unique insight.


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