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Pebbles inscribed in Demotic from a burial in the tomb of Padikem at Tuna el-Gebel

Martina Minas-Nerpel

Pages 65 - 89

The group of objects presented in this article consists of fifteen quartz pebbles, inscribed in demotic with the names of Egyptian deities. They were excavated in Tuna el-Gebel arranged around the head of a mummy that had been buried without a coffin against the outer eastern wall of Padikem’s tomb. The combination of the divine names is unique, and the group of objects is so far unparalleled in a funerary context. Because of the number fifteen and the presence of some specific deities, it is possible to establish a context of the moon eye and rebirth. The pebbles might also reflect in a very simplified way the protective function of funerary masks.


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